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No deal means McCormack misses favourite race of the year

By Paul Lindsay

One man who will be conspicuous by his absence this weekend at Dundrod is Waterford's Brian McCormack, who has failed to secure a competitive ride since his split with Ryan Farquhar's KMR Vauxhall Dealers NI Kawasaki team in June.

"Unless you have a hurley, a football or a horse under you down here, no one gives a damn," exclaimed the 29-year-old, who is the current Adelaide Masters' Superbike champion.

Anxious to let the matter rest, McCormack would not be drawn on the reason behind his split with Farquhar's team post-TT, but did say: "I'm gutted to be missing Dundrod, as it's my favourite race of the year after the TT and I had high hopes for this year.

"There have been a lot of rumours but I'm not prepared to put anything in the public domain. If anyone wants to ask privately, I'll happily explain. I'd rather just move on now."

On his future the lofty Irishman said: "I'm going to put my own team together for next season.

"I'll take in the three main international road races and a few national events.

"I'd also like to do some British Superstock rounds as I'll be buying a new Honda. I'll also maybe do the Adelaide Masters as it gets TV coverage and is good for sponsors."

Asked about the rest of 2013 he said: "I'm not sure. There have been a few bike offers but they were either not suitable or not what I needed to be on to be competitive. I'll have to wait and see."

* Saturday UGP Races: 1. Superstock Race (6 laps); 2. UGP Supersport Race (6 laps); 3A. National UGP Ultralightweight (125GP / Moto3 / Moto 450) 5 laps; 3B. National UGP Lightweight (250 GP / 400cc / 650cc Supertwins) 5 laps; 4. UGP Superbike Race (7 laps); 5. Supersport Race (6 laps); 6. Superbike Race (6 laps). Roads close 9.30am.

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