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Seeley stars in North West record breaking documentary

By Paul Lindsay

Vauxhall International North West 200 record wins holder Alastair Seeley, who has recorded 17 stand-alone triumphs around the 8.9-mile north coast Triangle, will proudly see a documentary of his NW200 triumphs released on February 1.

The Carrickfergus racer, who is yet to secure a ride for the 2017 season, is delighted with the final edit of his 100-minute North West 200 career story, which is presented by BBC Sport NI's Stephen Watson and produced by Helen's Bay man Colin James.

"It's been a great journey putting it all together," said the diminutive racer, who will see his DVD, entitled 'My NW200 Wins', on sale on the official North West 200 website.

"Being able to show fans the highlights of my wins and some of the talked about incidents over the years, giving an insight into how I prepare and also think on track, was very enjoyable. I just hope the fans enjoy watching it now."

Seeley is also planning on attending the Blackhorse Northern Ireland Motorcycle Festival from February 3-5 to promote and sell his DVD, and will no doubt be a big attraction alongside fellow North West 200 winner Ian Hutchinson, who will also attend.

Seeley's debut win at the Triangle came at the 2008 event for Ballymoney businessman James Murray of JMF Racing in the Superstock class, and along with a plethora of other team owners and managers - including Hector and Philip Neill (TAS Racing), Tim Martin (Mar-Train Racing), Nick Morgan (MSS Kawasaki), William Rea (Rea Estates) and Michael and Norma de Bidaph (Gearlink Kawasaki) - the 'Wee Wizard', as he has become affectionately known, is still regarded by all as the man to beat on the north coast.

Sadly, the number of offers currently on the table for 2017 doesn't seem to reflect the Carrick ace's prowess on a motorcycle, but since Big Ben chimed in the New Year, the proud Ulsterman is starting to see a little bit of light at the end of the employment tunnel.

"I'm glad to say I'm just waiting on a contract to arrive in the post from Gearlink, which will see me ride their bike in the Supersport races at the North West," announced Seeley, whose double on the de Bidaphs' ZX-6R Kawasaki in 2016 elevated him to 17 wins, pressing further ahead of the late, great Robert Dunlop's total of 15, which was the previous record for a decade.

"I was pleased to finally remove the shackles of that burden (the hype surrounding whether or not he would break the record) to be honest.

"Robert was a hero to so many people, so I was a bit apprehensive about breaking his record of 15 wins, but now that we've done it, I have some new goals."

Looking ahead, he said: "At the North West 200 it's important to be on one of the manufacturer-supported or factory bikes to stand a chance in the Superbike races.

"In Gearlink I know I will have a strong enough package to go and challenge for the wins again in the Supersport class, but I'm happy to say that I'm currently in negotiations for a top ride in the 1000cc classes."

Just one short of Phillip McCallen's all-time record of 28 podiums and, with the Holy Grail of five race wins in a day still worth chasing - again recorded by the Portadown man - not to mention Dunlop's four career hat-tricks at the Triangle, there's still a bit left for the 'Wee Wizard' to try and get his teeth into.

"Phillip McCallen's record number of podiums is a definite target, and I'm currently on two hat-tricks, so yes I'd like another, but they are getting harder to come by. In saying that, I think I've a few wins in me yet," concluded Seeley, with more than an air of expectancy in his voice.

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