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Play-off system highly unfair

Has everyone got their head around the Northern Ireland Football League's new play-off system? If you're a bit baffled then join the club.

While many supporters - including myself - may not agree with the concept, at least NIFL have been prepared to try something radical and different.

It might not work and could be dispensed with in the future.

Mistakes can be made but if you don't try something then you won't make any progress.

I'm of the view that a club that finishes seventh in our Danske Bank Premiership does not deserve a shot at European football.

Don't we want our best sides to be representing Northern Ireland on the continent?

You could have a situation where a club that finishes in third position, perhaps Gary Hamilton's Glenavon or Gerard Lyttle's Cliftonville, being denied a spot due to pain in the play-offs.

I can understand league bosses looking to freshen things up but I don't feel that's fair on the teams that have been the most consistent over 38 games.

As for the play-off final, after the Irish Cup ticketing farce I dread to think what the admission prices will be. Just when you thought it was safe to leave Ticketmaster!

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