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Ports stars should be ashamed

By Scott Young

There appears to be a lot of questions and not many answers regarding the managerial situation at Portadown with another protest planned by supporters this weekend.

In tough times you look at the players and the manager.

The bottom line is that the buck stops with the manager, who is judged on results.

He brings players to the club and have Portadown improved in the last two seasons? Have they won anything?

I'm sure the club have invested a lot in the playing squad. What have they got in return?

The Portadown players have been an absolute disgrace this season.

For a club with that much quality in their ranks to finish outside of the top six is farcical.

Portadown should be challenging for titles.

It reminds me of the Jose Mourinho-Chelsea situation and the Ports players have let Ronnie McFall down badly.

He doesn't need the hassle anymore and should walk away at the end of the season but football can be people's livelihoods and it's not easy to give it up.

The people who run Portadown have a massive decision to make but it's clear they are not progressing in the right direction.

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