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Crusaders are showing class of champions

When former Northern Ireland international Colin O'Neill criticised the quality of Irish League football in the Belfast Telegraph last week, he caused uproar.

A few years ago I questioned the quality of the product too, but it has to be pointed out that the Irish League is different to when Colin and I played.

And right now I would say the Irish League is excellent value for money, far more so than what I pay Sky Sports and BT Sport to watch the English Premier League, which is nowhere near as good as it is hyped up to be.

Of course I wish the standard in local football was better and believe it could be better with some investment, but overall the product has a lot going for it.

Colin is entitled to his opinion and the reaction to it shows how much people care about the game here.

He said Stephen Baxter's side were a long ball outfit, and he is right as they can be direct, but when I have watched them this season they have shown they can play good football too, especially Paul Heatley and Gavin Whyte. They are different class.

And I thought they were too strong for Linfield on Saturday. They look a champion outfit again.

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