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Aresene Wenger is right about Cesc Fabregas

By Steven Beacom - Frank, fearless and forthright

It's the transfer that has taken up acres of newsprint. No, not Christine Bleakley’s move to ITV!

The one I’m talking about hasn’t actually happened yet, though we all know it will.

Cesc Fabregas will move from Arsenal to Barcelona.

The question is when?

The answer from Arsene Wenger is not on my watch.

Some say Wenger should let the lad go as his heart’s not in it at Arsenal, get £35 million and bring in quality players to replace him.

But for Wenger that misses the point. He has nurtured and guided Fabregas to become a world class player and World Cup winner.

And the best is yet to come from the midfielder. Why would Wenger want someone else to enjoy the fruits of all that labour? Keep him for as long as you can, Arsene.

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