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Come on Leeds, get back to where you belong with the big boys

The BBC screened brilliant movie The Damned United recently.

It’s a terrific tale about Brian Clough’s remarkable, but incredibly brief, period as Leeds United manager.

Apart from the truly outstanding performance from Michael Sheen, who portrayed Clough, my favourite part of the film was star spotting the various Leeds legends from that era.

There were quite a few; Norman Hunter, Billy Bremner, Johnny Giles and Allan Clarke were men not to be messed with — even by someone with the charisma and confidence of Clough.

Back then of course they were the team to beat. A couple of seasons ago they were just the team that everyone beat!

Thankfully they are on their way back.

Since Don Revie made them the most intimidating and inspiring side in England, they have become a yo-yo club with more downs than ups.

The high point came in 1992 when they won the league title, the lowest of the low when, after outrageous financial mismanagement, the club went into administration in 2007, dropping like a stone to League One.

Now they are in the Championship following promotion last season.

If the players show as much passion and desire as their fans, home and away, they’ll have every chance of getting back to where they belong, taking on Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League.

They start the season on Saturday at home to Derby County, who are managed by Nigel Clough, son of Brian. Fixture planning at its very best.

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