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Common goal for Belfast

By Steven Beacom

The Commonwealth Games are being held in Glasgow this year and in 2018, Australia's Gold Coast will host them.

As for 2022? Well, nobody knows and right now, nobody seems to care.

Not one member country of the Commonwealth Games has expressed an interest in staging the multi-sport event in nine years time.

There's an Extraordinary General Meeting for the Commonwealth Games Federation in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow to discuss the matter amid fears of apathy and financial concerns towards the sporting showcase which threatens its future.

What about Northern Ireland making a bid for 2022 and saving the Games from extinction?

Crazy talk? After all, ever since they started out in 1930, England, Scotland and Wales have hosted them, but never Northern Ireland.

Well, no harm to Glasgow, but if they can be hosts, then you'd think Belfast could give it a go.

The major problem, of course, relates to cash.

By then I reckon the Games would cost around £575 million to stage.

Might be best saving that and going for the Olympics instead, say in 2060 when we might have the facilities.

Hey, at least our grandchildren can enjoy them!

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