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Kasami goal better than van Basten

By Steven Beacom

The marvellous Marco van Basten is one of my favourite players of all time.

In 1988 he scored one of the greatest goals ever seen.

I feel a bit disloyal writing this, but Pajtim Kasami's sensational strike for Fulham at Crystal Palace on Monday was even better.

Marco's majestic volley for Holland against Russia in the Euro '88 final was much more important, as it sealed the only major championship triumph in his nation's history, but comparing goal on goal Kasami wins.

Van Basten scored from a tighter angle, smashing home Arnold Muhren's wonderful crossfield pass, but Kasami smacked his long distance volley into the net after brilliantly chest controlling a pass running at pace.

Just because he's not well known should not take away from his stunning effort.



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