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Manchester City colossus Yaya Toure is also a clown

City's title cake has bitter taste

BY Steven Beacom

Yaya Toure is an irresistible force and immovable object rolled into one when he is at his breathtaking best.

The goal he scored against Aston Villa in Manchester City's penultimate game of the Premier League season illustrated just how glorious he can be.

City were leading 3-0 in stoppage time when Toure collected the ball inside his own half.

He could easily have seen the game out, conserving energy for the final match of the campaign a few days later at home to West Ham when City needed to avoid defeat to become champions.

But no, Yaya was in the mood.

He started running, shrugging off defenders as if he were swatting flies, picking up pace with every yard as those long legs stretched across the turf before providing a stunning finish to send the City faithful into dreamland.

Lately though Toure has sent those same fans into despair and a state of disbelief.

You'll know the story by now... how the agent of the Ivory Coast captain claimed last week that the player was discontent and unhappy that none of the City hierarchy had congratulated him on his 31st birthday. Toure, not exactly acting his age, backed up those claims.

He did receive a cake from the club but big, spoilt brat Yaya was looking for party hats, games of pass the parcel and maybe even a bouncy castle to go on top of the £250,000 City bigwigs put in his bank account every week!

Since then Toure has conducted interviews talking about a wish to return to Barcelona and moving to Paris St Germain.

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"Given the goals of Paris, how could you not be interested in a club like that?" Touré said.

"PSG have become one of the strongest teams in Europe. It would be an honour to one day play for a club like that."

Talk about spoiling the title celebrations for City supporters.

Toure might be a colossus but he is also a clown and a sad indictment of all that annoys and angers your run of the mill football fan about the modern game.

Manchester United fans may laugh about Toure's attitude smacking the noisy neighbours across the chops, but they've been here too with Wayne Rooney who threw his toys out of the pram, demanded a move and ended up with a huge rise in salary.

Money, money, money makes the football world go around.

And therein lies the irony for Manchester City.

Let's face facts, if it had not been for Sheikh Mansour coming along and throwing his billions around to manufacture City into a winning team, the blue half of Manchester would never have been able to attract or afford a magnificent, mercenary footballer like Yaya Toure.

The Ivory Coast will just hope that the pound or euro signs in front of his eyes don't blind him from producing the goods in the forthcoming World Cup finals.

It's unlikely. After all, Yaya, who picks and chooses the games he goes into overdrive for, knows all too well that big performances in Brazil will mean he becomes a more valuable commodity.

And if City want to keep him, then a new, improved deal will have to be negotiated with player and agent benefiting handsomely.

Or maybe I'm just reading it wrong and had the midfielder been gifted the biggest, tastiest, best cake ever by the board all singing 'happy birthday', rather than the modest one he was presented, none of this would have happened.

Just a thought to avoid a repeat with City's other superstars, maybe Blues' boss Manuel Pellegrini should make his first summer signing Mary Berry!

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