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Steven Beacom: Gary Hamilton must do more for Glentoran - and he knows it

I remember flying home once from an international trip with Gary Hamilton sitting beside me. The poor guy probably wanted to sleep, but as is my wont on a plane, I was looking for a conversation.

I’ve spoken to dozens and dozens of Northern Ireland players down the years, many on long-haul flights.

If Colin Murdock, now a lawyer, was far and away the most intelligent, often using words you had to look up in the dictionary, Hamilton was at the top of the straight talkers list.

Say what you like about Gary, and many have over the years especially Portadown fans after he left their club and even a few Glentoran supporters when he was spotted smoking a fag before a Setanta Cup match, but I’ve always found him to be honest about his own displays and that of his team.

He’ll know then that right now he and the Glens aren’t good enough.

Hamilton is one of the best footballers the Irish League has had in the last decade — one goal he scored for the Ports, ironically against his current team, when he ran from his own half, leaving defenders in his wake before slotting home, was pure genius.

He’s still capable of that but he hasn’t been showing it often enough this season, though I’m told he played well in Tuesday’s win over Institute.

Still, even though the service may not have been fantastic for a player of Gary’s ability, to have only scored nine times this season is criminal.

With the Glens needing inspiration, Gary really has to step forward game after game, week after week.

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