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Steven Beacom: No walk in the Park for the ‘Guvnor’ Ince

I have never been a big fan of Paul Ince. Don't get me wrong, the England international was a fine midfielder and played for three of the biggest clubs in the world in Manchester United, Inter Milan and Liverpool.

And he played in an important role in helping United win their first league title in 26 years way back in 1993.

But calling himself "the Guvnor" in a dressing room that contained Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane was a bit much.

Ince now finds himself managing Blackburn Rovers.

Incidentally he is the first black man to take charge of a top flight club in England.

He may find it difficult, not for that reason, but because of the man who was at Ewood Park before him.

I don't think Mark Hughes, now the boss at Manchester City, could have done anything more for Blackburn.

He didn't have the cash that would take them to the title like Kenny Dalglish in 1995, but he did get them into Europe and made them a competitive force in the Premiership. If Ince is expected to deliver more than that he will be in trouble.

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