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£5m promise of a Colossal pools win

By Robert Fenton

A new Premier League season brings a fresh approach to football betting with a chance to win millions for a £2 stake.

It mirrors racing's Scoop6 where punters can land massive amounts for predicting six winners and those successful subsequently getting the chance of a big bonus prize.

But the difference with this type of online football pool betting, called Colossus, is that customers can cash out and take calculated winnings or even a percentage at various stages.

Colossus Bets has been devised, not surprisingly, by a multiple winner of the Scoop6, Bernad Marantelli, who has grabbed the opportunity to put this simple plan into operation on the football front. A minimum £5m win pool is guaranteed from this weekend to be shared by those predicting the correct scores in seven chosen matches – it was never going to be easy.

For any single or combined winners, a £5m bonus becomes available the following week on the correct score of a selected match.

With pool carry-overs, the operator aims to have jackpots in excess of £40m, thereby rivalling Euromillions.

There will also be a consolation £5,000 prize to be won outright or shared by those predicting the right results, home, away or draw without getting the correct scores.

The matches are likely to revolve around Premier League fixtures although the firm will also have £1m plus weekly pools for games in the major European leagues and for pools dealing with only six Premier matches.

Seventeen options are available for each match: 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1, 3-2 and any other score for both sides with the draws 0-0, 1-1 and any other.

Punters are looking at odds of around 800,000/1 for each £2 line – combinations of course can be taken. The most exciting part of this type of bet, is the cash-out facility which adds a new dimension. Hence, taking several perms in early games or indeed, later ones if desired, could see punters selling off in full or on a percentage basis before all seven games are completed.

Betfair and William Hill allow customers a cash-out option on an all-or-nothing basis whereas with Colussus Bet, you can cash-out in part and have the rest of the live ticket continuing to run for yourself.

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