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The Punter: Be patient and reap Bolt rewards

The best best to take on Usian Bolt is to wait on a double in next year’s World ChampionshipsNOW that the Olympics are over, we can look back on what had to be one of the best 66-1 bets of all time.

It seems incredible in hindsight that bookmakers were laying those odds on the ‘Bolt of Lightening’ breaking two world records in taking gold in the 100 and 200 metres.

Even on the day of the 200 final, Usian Bolt was 9-4 to better Michael Johnson’s previous best after being 8-1 at the start of the Games.

Bookies took it on the chin as he stopped the clock at 19.30secs with several four figure bets, including one for £5,000 having been taken.

Bolt is 4-5 to better that time before the end of the year but it worth noting that he seemed full out in that Olympic final and weather conditions are always vital in these situations.

But the 100 metres is something different. He broke that record easing up and while 2-5 to take a bit more off 9.69 seconds this year, is short, it is a much more feasible bet.

The problem with these type of bets, is that so much depends on the nature of the competition and incentive for Bolt.

He has not needed to break sweat until it really matters and that will only be in top line competitions with something at stake.

Hence the best wager concerning Bolt is to take the 1-2 to win the 100 and 200 metres in next year’s World Championships which he will do provided he is not injured or decides to sit them out which is most unlikely.

Again, not many of us like to wait very long to cash in on bets but those with patience and who are prepared to put the money down, it seems a very worthwhile investment.

Patience brings its own reward and this surely, is one time when it can pay off.

Coral Bolt specials: 2-5 to break 100m World record this year; 4-5 to break 200m world record this year; 1-2 to win 100m in 2009 world championships.

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