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The Punter: Don't get boxed in over bets on corners

A very rare event happened in Chelsea’s 6-0 win over Wigan last Saturday.

How many can guess what that was?

The chances of it happening were around 27,000-1.

It is the sort of question likely to corner most football fans but therein lies the answer.

There were no corners in the game.

And it could well be the first time such a thing has happened in top flight football in England.

Football statistician and good friend Kevin Pullein of the Racing Post has kept records for the Premier League and Football League since 1997-98 season and says: “I have records going back to then and it has never happened before.

“It is also true of other competitions I have kept data on over the years.

“The model I have set up on computers suggests that the true odds of such occurring is 26,781-1.”

But like most things, there is always someone who has a bet on no corners in the game was laid on Betfair at 1,000-1.

Those looking for a similar bet in the future, should keep those true odds in mind.

Meanwhile, Man City’s win over Liverpool has seen them cut in the Premier League title race from 10-1 to 7-1 while their Red rivals across the city, have gone out to 5-2 following their draw at Fulham.

Liverpool have not surprisingly taken a major walk in the market and are now out to 25-1.

It’s very early days but City are still value for an each-way bet.

Wigan’s Roberto Martinez at 6-4 is walking the tightrope at Wigan to be the first manager to depart this season.

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