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The Punter: Harry next for Royal punt

Royal wedding fever is gathering apace and will reach a crescendo of publicity and media coverage between now and the big day on April 29 in Westminster Abbey.

The bookies got it badly wrong in making July (4-7) to be the month and those who read the signs correctly cashed in at 10-1 which was on offer for a date between the months of January and May.

The next certainty in this market has to be the 1-2 on Harry to be the best man. After the Milibands, no one wants another brotherly fall-out.

Kate’s official title to be Princess Katherine: 1-3

Harry to be best man: 1-2 yes, 6-4 no

Wills to have an heir within a year of marriage: 2-1.

Will Kate say honour and obey in her vows: 8-11 yes, 1-1 no.

Honeymoon destination: 4-1 Tanzania; 9-2 Mustique; 5-1 Caribbean; 6-1 Saint Tropez; 10-1 Australia, South Africa, Kenya; 16-1 Scotland, Seychelles, Maldives; 20-1 British Virgin Islands; 25-1 Monaco; 28-1 Cornwall; 33-1 Singapore, Japan; 100-1 Las Vegas; 125-1 Disneyland Florida; 150-1 Germany; 500-1 Falklands.

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