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The Punter: There is no United front in sight yet

A number of football bettors are calling ‘off-side’ on a decision made by McLean bookmakers this week following an error on a midweek football coupon.

The firm listed Cambridge United — instead of Cambridge City — at 1-2 to beat Hemel Hemstead.

Punters who had accumulators involving Cambridge United want that part of the bet voided but the company have refused, declaring that they would have settled if City had won and that they had corrected the situation in their shops prior to the kick-off.

However, the punters have a point in that bets are primarily decided on what is actually written on the betting slip copy and there is no dispute about Cambridge United being the team named.

McLean’s used to have a rule which stated: “Should a team play a different opposition to that advertised, bets for that match will be void.”

The match was listed as Cambridge United v Hemel instead and the customers say they would not have taken the selection had they been aware that it was City who were playing.

A spokesperson for the firm says that particular rule no longer applies and are happy to put the matter in the hands of the Independent Betting Adjudication service.

“It was a simple error that was rectified and for us, it was obvious what team it referred to. If IBAS find in favour of the customers then we will be happy to pay.”

In my view, the match should be void.

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