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Whizzkid Smyth has a big future

What about this young lad Linfield have called Paul Smyth? Fantastic gymnast - his somersaults are pretty cool - and the boy can play a bit too.

The talented teenager has all the attributes needed to make a career in the professional game and he's learning from our greatest goalscorer, David Healy.

David deserves a huge amount of credit for showing faith in the boy, even at a time when things were not going swimmingly for the Blues.

But Paul's enthusiasm and energy has given his team-mates a lift and he's got to be a strong candidate for Young Player of the Year.

He shows no fear and he's lit up Windsor Park this season.

We know he can finish but his work-rate off the ball is also immense.

His manager is a better judge of a player than most of us so he knows how exciting this talent is. It makes you proud of the Irish League when you see guys like that fulfilling their potential.

We really want to be talking about our game's fantastic young players rather than controversy.

Paul has a bright future and things are also looking promising for Linfield as well for the Irish Cup this season and a shot at the title in the next campaign.

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