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Bayliss calls for England to show their mettle after Lord's humbling



Trevor Bayliss

Trevor Bayliss


Trevor Bayliss

Trevor Bayliss has become increasingly exasperated by England's batsmen and called for urgent improvement after their "embarrassing" nine-wicket defeat at Lord's.

The England coach said he felt like throwing his hands in the air in frustration when he thought his message had finally got through - only to then watch his players prove it hadn't once they went out to bat.

Joe Root's men shrunk from the challenge of awkward conditions after he won the toss and didn't recover from being bowled out for 184 against Pakistan.

Unless they win the second and final match of the series starting on Friday at Headingley, after extending their miserable sequence of defeats to six in their last eight Tests, they will also lose a third successive series.

Asked if his words are being heeded, he replied: "Well, obviously not enough. But what else can you do?"

When asked what he told England's batsmen before the Lord's debacle, Bayliss said: "It was the same as always on these type of wickets. It's going to be difficult, you've got to work hard early and earn the right to bat long, and bat in partnerships.

"The mistakes we made - throwing hands at the ball, not letting the ball come - under pressure, in the middle, we've got to do it better."

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