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Chris Gayle: It's about time this oaf has finally been exposed


Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle


Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is an idiot. And not just because of his cack-handed attempt to embarrass a female sports reporter live on TV.

No, he had a chance to get off the hook by apologising before the social media trickle turned into an angry tsunami - and he messed that up as well.

The Neanderthal couldn't even be bothered to remove one of his music-playing earpieces when answering questions about his disrespectful behaviour towards Mel McLaughlin.

It was a joke, he maintained. Well, Chris should stick to cricket and leave the humour to comedians because this wasn't funny and no-one was laughing.

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Well, that's not strictly true. The Network Ten television commentators did themselves no favours with their juvenile, clearly audible sniggers during Gayle's "Me Tarzan, you Jane" routine.

This regrettable episode demonstrates that, although women have made huge strides towards acceptance in sports reporting, there is still a kindergarten of thought that they're just wee girls trying to do a man's job in a man's world.

The oafish Gayle epitomised that - and produced yet another example of the sense of entitlement so many of today's rich young sportsmen feel.

They may abide by the rules of play on the pitch but, beyond that, anything goes. They're not subject to the same laws and moral code as everyone else, apparently. Gayle has form for this sort of thing. And only a thicko like him would believe he would keep getting away with it.

Mind you, some elements of the Aussie media, currently 'outraged' by Gayle's antics, have spent much of the last decade favouring McLaughlin's looks over her ability as a highly professional sports journalist.

And few people Down Under would bet that Mel, who is currently in her mid-thirties, will still be the face of Network Ten when she's approaching 50, despite her undoubted ability. Yes, there's still a long way to go.

Meanwhile, someone should point out to Gayle that, although they both have screens, TV and Tinder aren't the same thing.

John Laverty is executive editor of the Belfast Telegraph

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