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Finch become’s cricket’s latest controversial dismissal


Australia’s Aaron Finch during the international friendly match at Lord’s, London.
Australia’s Aaron Finch during the international friendly match at Lord’s, London.

Australian opener Aaron Finch was involved in an unusual dismissal against Zimbabwe after setting a new record for highest T20 international score.

Finch missed out on achieving the highest ever score in a T20 match by just three runs after he reached for a wide, fell over and clipped the stumps with his heel.

Press Association Sport’s Sonia Twigg takes a look at five other curious exits in international cricket matches.

Michael Vaughan (handled the ball) – India v England, December 2001, Bangalore

England’s Michael Vaughan was out of luck in 2001 (Rebecca Naden, PA).

England needed to win the third and final Test match to level the series when Vaughan placed his hand on top of a ball bouncing in front of him, picked it up and flicked it to the fielder at short leg. India’s players appealed, meaning the umpire was given no choice but to give him out – according to the MCC Laws of Cricket, Vaughan had to ask permission from the fielding side before he handled the ball. Had he done so, even in the case of the appeal he would have been not out. Vaughan said afterwards he should have been recalled as the ball was not going on to hit the stumps.

Andrew Symonds (caught) – Australia v Sri Lanka, January 2006, Melbourne

Australia’s Andrew Symonds fell victim to a controversial dismissal in 2006 (PA).

Symonds suffered bad luck in the first match of a triangular one-day international series between Australia, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Against the latter, he hit the ball straight down the ground but it hit non-striker Michael Clarke’s shoe, bounced and looped up for an easy catch at wide mid-on.

Sachin Tendulkar (leg before wicket) – Australia v India, December 1999, Adelaide

Sachin Tendulkar was an unusual lbw victim (PA).

Tendulkar had faced just four balls in this Test when Glenn McGrath bowled a ball which caused the Indian batsman to duck. Unfortunately for Tendulkar, the ball did not bounce, but struck him on the forearm. McGrath appealed as he believed Tendulkar had ducked so far as to be in front of his stumps and the umpire agreed. So Tendulkar was dismissed leg before wicket, after being struck on the arm.

Inzamam-ul-Haq (hit wicket) – England v Pakistan, August 2006, Leeds

Inzamam-ul-Haq was caught off balance (PA).

The Pakistan batsman faced spin-bowler Monty Panesar and tried to sweep the ball and missed, the ball hitting his midriff. The force of Inzamam’s attempted shot caused him to spin and stumble backwards over his stumps, causing him to be given out hit wicket in this Test.

Muttiah Muralitharan (run out) – New Zealand v Sri Lanka, December 2006, Christchurch

Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan was left feeling flat (Rui Vieira/PA).

When Kumar Sangakarra completed his Test century with a single, the Sri Lanka spin-bowler grounded his bat and turned to congratulate his team-mate,  leaving his crease, New Zealand wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum took the bails off and appealed, the umpire judged the ball to still be in play and Muralitharan was given out.

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