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Finch stumped by “unfair” bails and hopes they do not cause final controversy

Australia captain concerned even though his team got lucky during World Cup loss to India.

Australia’s captain Aaron Finch is concerned about the World Cup bails (AP)
Australia’s captain Aaron Finch is concerned about the World Cup bails (AP)

Aaron Finch fears the ‘zing’ bails could spoil the Cricket World Cup.

Australia skipper Finch branded the problematic light-up bails which are proving difficult to dislodge as “unfair” after David Warner played onto his own stumps, only for the bails not to fall.

Warner played on with just one run on the board but went on to make 56, although Australia lost by 36 runs to India at The Oval.

Australia Captain Aaron Finch has raised concerns about the World Cup bails (Mark Kerton/PA)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) insists the electronic bails are lighter than the heaviest-used wooden sets, but both Finch and India skipper Virat Kohli hit out at the troublesome stumps.

“We were on the right end of it today, but it’s a bit unfair at times isn’t it?” said Finch, after the World Cup’s fifth incident where the stumps have been struck but the bails have not fallen.

“I know it hit the stumps pretty hard. But it does keep happening more and more, which is unfortunate.

“You’d hate to see something like that happen in a World Cup semi-final or final, if you’ve done the hard work in setting up a batsman and then for it not be rewarded.

“But I’m not sure what you can do, I’m not sure how much lighter they can make the bails.”

Bangladesh’s Mohammad Saifuddin (right) saw the ball hit the stumps against England at Cardiff on Saturday but the bails stayed on (David Davies/PA)

Captain Kohli hit 82 as India overwhelmed Australia in south London, with Skihhar Dhawan racking up a pivotal 117.

India’s paceman dominated the bowling too, with Bhuvneshwar Kumar claiming three for 50 and Jasprit Bumrah three for 61.

Kohli revealed his surprise at the continued issues with the bails, and suggested the stumps might also have a part to play.

Asked if the bails are causing a problem, Kohli replied: “Definitely; this is not something you expect at international level.

India’s Virat Kohli admits there is an issue with the bails (Nigel French/PA)

“The technology is great, it’s very precise when you make something happen with the stumps.

“But you literally have to smash the stumps pretty hard.

“These are fast bowlers, it’s not like they are medium pacers or anything.

“And MS (Dhoni) said the stump was actually loose.

“So I don’t know what’s wrong with the outer coating of the stump, if it’s too thick or too rigid.

“But no team will like to see that, if you bowl a good ball and you don’t get a guy out. I haven’t seen that happen so many times in the past.”

Steve Smith top scored for Australia and appreciated the efforts of Virat Kohli (Simon Cooper/PA)

Former Australia captain Steve Smith received a hostile reception from the fiery Indian fans, booed as he headed to the boundary to field.

Kohli gestured to the supporters to stop abusing Smith, with the fans responding quickly in heeding their idol’s call.

India skipper Kohli then insisted Smith does not deserve further harsh treatment just because of his now-served ban for ball tampering.

He added: “I think what’s happened has happened, long back; the guy is trying to play well for his side.

The India fans responded to their captain’s appeals not to boo Steve Smith and also had plenty to cheer (Nigel French/PA)

“It’s not good to see someone down like that to be honest.

“We’ve had a few issues in the past, a few arguments on the field, but you don’t want to see a guy feeling that every time he goes out to play.

“He’s come back, he’s playing hard and just getting on with it.

“There were a lot of Indian fans here and I just didn’t want them to set a bad example.

“He didn’t do anything to be booed, he was just playing cricket.

“If I was in a position where something had happened to me, where I had apologised, accepted it and then came back I wouldn’t like it either.

“I just told him ‘sorry’ on behalf of the crowd. In my opinion I didn’t think that was acceptable.”



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