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Knights and Warriors unable to do battle due to rain

By Ian Callender

The opening day of the inter-provincial championship game between North West Warriors and Northern Knights was abandoned without a ball bowled despite much blue sky.

The rain on Saturday left areas of the pitch too soft for umpires Roly Black and David Bradley's liking and after a third inspection at 3pm, called off play for the day, with no improvement in the underfoot conditions.

The main area of concern was the bowler's run-up at the City End but the worry is there will be no improvement today and there could be another delay to the game, already reduced to two days.

The one rule change that comes in after the loss of the opening day is that the first innings of both teams is limited to a maximum of 100 overs - although if the sides were good enough to do that a draw is certain, because only a minimum of 208 overs are left in the game.

The first two games in the competition have ended in draws and this is the second where there has been a reluctance to play.

At Clontarf last month the umpires, in consultation with the two captains, abandoned the game four hours before the scheduled close after rain had delayed the start on the last day and yesterday, despite no rain after noon, the umpires told the captains they did not think it was safe to play a three-day game.

The other game, at Downpatrick, between the Knights and the Warriors, was a 'true' three-day game when bat dominated ball and only 30 wickets fell in 300 overs.

The Warriors, by virtue of playing the extra match, currently have a 12 points advantage in the table over the Knights.

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