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Lack of trust led to Kevin Pietersen being axed


Top man: Kevin Pietersen is England's all-time highest runs scorer

Top man: Kevin Pietersen is England's all-time highest runs scorer

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Top man: Kevin Pietersen is England's all-time highest runs scorer

Kevin Pietersen was dismissed from the England team due to the need for "everyone (to be) able to trust each other" and in support of captain Alastair Cook, the England and Wales Cricket Board has confirmed.

Pietersen confirmed his England career was over on Tuesday after it was announced he would not be in the squads for the tour of the Caribbean and the ICC World Twenty20.

In the following days the ECB had been at great pains to make only the most careful public comment about the reasons for deciding Pietersen was suddenly surplus to its requirements.

Former England captains Ian Botham and Michael Vaughan were among those calling for England's hierarchy to be more transparent over Pietersen's exit.

And a statement issued jointly by the ECB and the Professional Cricketers' Association read: "The ECB recognises the significant contribution Kevin has made to England teams over the last decade. He has played some of the finest innings ever produced by an England batsman.

"However, the England team needs to rebuild after the whitewash in Australia. To do that we must invest in our captain Alastair Cook and we must support him in creating a culture in which we can be confident he will have the full support of all players, with everyone pulling in the same direction and able to trust each other.

"It is for those reasons that we have decided to move on without Kevin Pietersen."

Pietersen's England career nearly came to an end in the summer of 2012 after it was discovered he had sent derogatory text messages about then captain Andrew Strauss to members of the touring South African team.

The 33-year-old then went through a reintegration period with the team and it had appeared his international career was back on track until last week's events saw the curtain come down on a man who is England's leading run-scorer across all formats of the game.

Strauss pre-empted the ECB statement's emphasis on trust when he wrote: "Without trust, the team environment is stillborn. It is for this reason that Kevin Pietersen's international career had to be brought to an end.

"The media have been searching for a 'smoking gun'. Everyone is looking for disciplinary problems, bust-ups and character clashes, but they are looking for the wrong thing.

"The smoking gun is the total absence of trust."

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