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Gran Fondo cyclist 'lucky to be alive' after Belfast car crash

By Victoria O'Hara

An injured cyclist said he was “lucky not to have been killed” after he was in collision with a car in east Belfast while competing in the Gran Fondo.

David Mulholland (35) said he was amazed, and felt lucky to be alive, after the collision while he was cycling down the Castlereagh Road at a speed of at least 30mph just before 2pm yesterday.

However, his plans to travel to France next Friday to watch Euro 2016 football matches now appear unlikely. Frantic scenes were witnessed yesterday after the incident. An off-duty nurse who lives nearby ran to Mr Mulholland’s aid.

Police and ambulance crews arrived quickly. The cyclist sustained injuries to his arm and leg.

“I was riding down the so-called safe zone in the middle of the road,” he explained.

“I was travelling at least 30mph on the bike. Basically, I’m lucky I’m not dead.

“I don’t know where I hit but I went right over the top of the car. It really just happened in a flash. I’m absolutely livid.” And yesterday morning on the same stretch of road at around 8am another cyclist was forced to pull out of the race after a dog ran out into the middle of the cycling pack. The dog appeared uninjured, but paramedics were called to treat the man, who was also forced to pull out of the prestigious event.

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