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Video: Daredevil Claudio Caluori takes to down hill Red Bull Foxhunt track in Rostrevor

Down hill legend Claudio Caluori has taken to the mountain bike trail in Rostrevor as a taster for this year's Red Bull Foxhunt.

In the film, Caluori is chased by former Downhill and Enduro National Champion Dan Wolfe and Women’s World Cup Junior rider Sacha Bickerstaff for the exhilarating ride.

And Claudio was impressed with the Co Down test.

He said: "I had no expectation because I had no clue what was waiting for me. I am positively surprised, I didn’t expect any really good mountains so that was pretty good up there.

"The first part is quite tough with the climb. To do that at race speed, you’re going to get into the downhill section lacking oxygen which will make it quite interesting because when people get tired this is where it really separates the field.

"I really like the technical sections, you can play a lot, you know taking the right line, there are so many choices.

"Obviously when there are several lines there, even if you want to take the better line and there are so many people on it, you may be better taking the slower line.

"Practise is key."

Some 400 daredevils are expected to take part in next month's Red Bull Foxhunt.

But before any nature lovers get upset, the only blood spilled will be from grazed knees, elbows and wounded pride.

The riders will attempt to chase down two-time world champion Gee Atherton in a thrilling down hill race.

The Red Bull Foxhunt takes place on Saturday, October 3 at 9am.

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