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Dame Mary all set to provide unique insight into sport

By Ali Gordon

It has been a year of sporting controversy - from match-fixing and illicit betting to on-field violence and sex testing. And who could forget Luis Suarez biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup in Brazil? Hosted by the Law Society of Northern Ireland, the third annual Sports Law Conference will tackle some of these pressing issues tomorrow.

Focusing on the theme of 'integrity and governance in sport', the event will take place in Law Society House, 96 Victoria Street, Belfast from 9:30am.

The conference will address issues in the media and consider the changing face of sport and how money impacts these changes.

Another hot topic that will be discussed is concussion - an area of interest for sporting bodies at all levels.

Presenters will include Keith McGarry, an expert in sports law, practising solicitor and former rugby international.

McGarry said: "It looks set to be a great event. We have a number of great speakers, such as Queen's University Professor Jack Anderson who will conduct an interactive group session on discipline and integrity with me, Sarah Doherty from the Charity Commission and Feargal Logan who will discuss disciplinary matters and the high street practice.

"Dame Mary Peters will also be in attendance. She will talk about challenges for past and present and then carry out a question and answer session."

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