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Duo in hunt for World Pairs place

By David Mason

Alistair Kennedy and Barry Kane will again go in search a World Pairs slot in the PBA qualifier at the County Antrim Indoor Bowls Club on Sunday.

The Provincial duo booked their ticket to Potters Leisure Resort last season, defeating their Ireland international team-mates Graham McKee and Gary Kelly in the final.

The PBA singles qualifier will also be staged at Parkgate tomorrow, with Belfast man Mark McPeak, who won the event last season, again back in the mix.

Saturday World singles qualifier: M McPeak bye; A Kennedy v D Smith; M Albert v S Gibson; S Coleman v D Corkill; G McKee v S Kirkwood; R Millar v P Campbell; R Battersby v A Lightbody; J McCullough bye; S Martin v winner of M McKeown v S Jess; A Coleman v A Kyle; N Mulholland v J Fraser; B Bird v C Eadie; I McClure v E Smith; D Atkinson v B Kane. Winner of Atkinson/Kane v G Kelly.

Sunday World pairs qualifier: E Eadie, D Corkill v S Gibson, S Martin. Winners v S Jess, A Kyle; E Smith M Albert v A Coleman, S Coleman sen. Winners v D Smith, I McClure; P Campbell, A Lightbody v J McCullough, R Battersby. Winners v A Kennedy, B Kane; M McPeak, J Fraser v S Kirkwood, N Mulholland. Winners v G McKee, G Kelly.

Young Reece Millar will head the Ireland challenge in the British Isles Under-18 Mixed Championships at the Ballybrakes Community Stadium, Ballymoney, tomorrow.

The 16-year-old was on the medal podium last season, having struck gold with Chloe Watson - she is now over age - in the pairs.

Ireland: Reece Millar, Shauna O'Neill, Aaron Coleman, Michael Hadley, Sam Barkley.

The IIBA's Champion of Champions Pairs and Triples qualifier will be staged at the Belfast Indoor Bowls Club tomorrow. Former winners Clark Hill and Alan Paul will on the hunt for their third success, while the 2010 triples champions from Cooley face Portadown's Jal Richardson.

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