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Feek big in Japan and targeting success

By Ruaidhri O'Connor

He is Ireland's man on the ground in Japan and Greg Feek is relishing his dual responsibilities as he re-acclimatises to life as the national team scrum coach.

Since the Six Nations, he has been living in Japan and working as assistant coach at the NEC Green Rockets, having opted to move his family back to his native New Zealand.

He remains Ireland's scrum coach and works remotely, anticipating Joe Schmidt's missives and preparing for events like the summer tour from afar.

Initially, his move to Leinster was relatively short-term but things worked out better than expected and he and his family spent the better part of a decade in Dublin. Finally, it was time to move closer to home.

"I told the wife (Jessica) it (the move to Ireland) would be two or three seasons and after five she was like, 'What's happening?'" he recalled. "She put the life on hold a little bit then because she understood these opportunities and who I was working with and how everything was going.

"She saw how excited I was when I first arrived about the potential and the people I worked with but her time came to an end and I put that first.

"I said, 'Right, if you need to get home, get home' and in that period it was only two weeks and the club found out, contacted me and I just thought it was a good fit for my coaching development.

"There, I could go home but also do the Irish team. It's only a one-year contract and it means next year is going to be full-on for me but I feel that I don't want to die wondering in terms of giving it a crack."

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