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Altering offside rule would have a huge effect on game: FA chief


Proposed amendments to the offside law represent "an absolutely huge change to the game at every level" according to Football Association chief executive Mark Bullingham.

The game's law-making body the International Football Association Board decided at its annual general meeting in the Culloden Hotel on Saturday to look at how the law could be changed "to foster the spirit of attacking play".

There have been a number of goals disallowed for offside following VAR reviews in the Premier League this season which have been extremely marginal.

IFAB has responded by tasking its football and technical advisory panels with coming up with suggestions for how the law could be changed.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino appears to favour the principle that there should be 'daylight' between defender and attacker.

"It will be an absolutely huge change to the game at every level, there's no question of that," said Bullingham.

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