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Clitheroe footballer sacked for being filmed having sex in manager's dug-out

By Jack de Menezes

A semi-professional footballer who played for Clitheroe FC has been sacked after a video emerged showing him having sex with an unknown woman in the manager’s dugout while wearing official kit of the club.

Jay Hart, 24, was filmed on Saturday afternoon following the Evo-Stik Division 1 North match at Mossley AFC, with the video appearing on social media which led to Hart’s identification.

Hart could be heard laughing in the video, in which he is seen having sex with a blonde woman whose face cannot be seen, with a club T-shirt still on and tracksuit bottoms around his legs.

The striker came off the bench in the 73rd minute for Clitheroe during the 4-1 defeat in their final away game of the season, which came at Mossley’s Seel Park stadium and was named ‘ladies day’ in order to promote the club and attract more female supporters.

Since the video emerged, Hart has been sacked by the non-league club for “bringing the club into disrepute.

Clitheroe chairwoman Anne Barker said in an official statement: “Following a NON-FOOTBALL RELATED incident at Mossley AFC yesterday. Jay Hart has been dismissed from the club.”

She added, as quoted by the Daily Mail: “I can't have somebody wearing the Clitheroe FC tracksuit bringing us down.

“It has brought the club into disrepute and it's not proper for him to scupper our reputation. I expect our players to act professionally.

“It was brought to my attention on Saturday night and dealt with through the management. I did offer to speak to him myself but Simon (Garner, the manager) said he would take care of it.”

Hart’s girlfriend Bryony Hibbert, who is from Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire and has two young children, has criticised those who has shared the video on social media and took to the Clitheroe Facebook Page to vent her anger in what she labelled as a “disgusting” act.

“Have a bit of decency for the people it's affected,” Hibbert said in a post that was later removed. “Thank God my kids are too young to read. It's disgusting. I bet their families are far from perfect.”

One person who saw the video was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: “The camera came round the dugout and there was a blonde female with her head down. The man couldn't see the camera because his eyes were closed.

“After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and laughed and the camera panned away again. I've been to Mossley AFC a few times and it's clearly their ground. The whole clip is only 10 to 15 seconds.”

First team manager Garner, who signed Hart to the club, said: “At the time of this unfortunate occurrence on Saturday, I wasn't there. I had already left the ground.

“I found out later on when I saw how it played out on Twitter. I'm disappointed but we can't control what the players do outside the time we are with them.

“They choose what they want to do. Unfortunately, Jason was wearing the club tracksuit and he knows he has let the club down, so the club has done what it has done.

“He's disappointed it has gone this far. It's going to have consequences for him beyond leaving this football club; with his family and possibly beyond that.

“Football is only a small part of it. If he had thought about what would have happened when he did it, he wouldn't have done it. He will pay for it.

“When I spoke to him, he sounded very apologetic about it. I'm disappointed for him. He will regret what he did and it was totally wrong.”

When contacted by The Independent, no-one from Clitheroe FC was available for comment, while neither Mr Hart nor his girlfriend Miss Roberts could be reached.

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