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Davis understands lure of Olympics


Steven Davis

Steven Davis

Steven Davis

Steven Davis can fully understand why players want to represent Team GB at the Olympics after Rangers team-mate Steven Naismith declared his interest in being involved.

The Scottish Football Association are against any of their players taking part in next summer's London Games but Naismith revealed he would gladly make himself available. Northern Ireland international Davis, who is 26, does not believe it is a decision he will have to make himself but can fully appreciate why those likely to be involved would be tempted.

The midfielder said: "To be fair, I don't think it's something I really have to worry about. It's not something I've given too much thought to. But I can see the appeal in terms of players wanting to do that because it's a massive stage to go out and try to perform on."

He added: "It's a worldwide competition and a great platform to experience. I wouldn't judge anybody who wanted to play in it."