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Derry City supporters 'feel climate is not right to go back yet'

Fan's View: Mick McBride (Long time supporter and writer for the Derry City programme)

By Mick McBride

I can't see Derry going back to the Irish League. Even though a lot of things have changed, I'm still not sure the political climate is right for a move.

I travel home and away to watch the team in all of the League of Ireland games, just as I did as a youngster when Derry were in the Irish League. My father worked for the Derry Journal and I would go with him to matches.

My wife and I go to the matches now and we can mingle and integrate with other fans at every single crowd in the League of Ireland and not have worries.

To be honest, I don't think I could say that I would feel as comfortable as that at all the Irish League grounds. That is just my personal feeling.

I know with the League of Ireland there is a lot of travelling for Derry and at the start back in 1985 it was like a big adventure. It was like when I was a young lad and we would go to watch Derry play at Bangor or Ards. Back then you felt as if you were going to Australia!

Now you just get used to all the travelling and see it as part of your support for the team. When we go to places like Cork, my wife and I and my family make a weekend out of it.

Obviously it would be great in the Irish League to go to an away game on a Saturday and be back at home that night, but honestly I would feel a little uneasy about making the switch.

I think the response to an idea from the majority of our fans would be lukewarm at best.

I have been writing for the Derry programme for 25 years and have often touched on the subject and the general feeling is that the temperature isn't right for a return to the Irish League just yet and some fans would say it never will be.

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