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Biting Back: UEFA fines a load of pants

By Billy Weir

It's official - the world has gone completely and utterly barking mad.

Hold on, that’s slightly harsh. I should have said that UEFA has gone completely and utterly barking mad.

To fine Nicklas Bendtner for having the bare-faced cheek - at least that’s all that was bare - to sport a pair of underpants with a sponsor’s logo on them cost the Danish striker a cool £80,000 and a one-match ban.

The European Championships has already witnessed a number of football associations being given slaps on the wrists for various misdemeanours ranging from unruly fans, inappropriate banners and worst of all - throwing bits of paper onto the pitch.

Oh, and there was a bit of racism too and good to see football’s European godfathers finally getting to grips with a disease that shows little signs of abating. Or not.

The Croatian FA have been fined for the neanderthal behaviour of more than just a few of their half-wits who directed monkey chants at Mario Balotelli in the clash with Italy.

Proper order. And the fine? That would be £65,000 - less than Bendtner and the third time the Croatians have been fined for racism since 2008. Good to see they’ve learned their lesson.

They’re a disgrace to football fans across the globe and in this case so are UEFA for decision-making that is well and truly a load of pants.

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