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England stars thought that we'd be easy: Sigurdsson

By Glenn Moore

If the result was not painful enough, the way Iceland's footballers talked about their 2-0 victory merely added to England's humiliation.

Ragnar Sigurdsson, who scored the equaliser and then defended magnificently in the 2-1 win, accused England of fatally underestimating his team.

Iceland co-manager, Heimir Halgrimsson, said he was more nervous when beating Austria in the final group game than in this match against some of the highest paid and most underperforming players on the planet.

"They thought this would be a walk in the park, but we had faith in our ability," said Sigurdsson, a 30-year-old defender who plays for Krasnodar in Russia.

"We didn't feel that they created any chances, we were just heading away long balls. I wasn't really stressed in the second half."

Halgrimsson, who works as a part-time dentist, said England had produced very little of substance.

"I was more relaxed against England than I was during the game against Austria," he said.

"If you had told me a few years ago that Iceland would reach the last eight, I would not have believed you.

"Some people think that as a race Icelandic people are too optimistic, but to succeed you have to be ready when the opportunity comes.

"We were ready and we now have a game we will talk about for the rest of our lives.

"This game will probably mean more than the quarter-final with France because we have been watching English football since we were little."

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