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Euro 2016: Getting ready to head to France to support Northern Ireland? See if this video gives you goosebumps

By Claire Williamson

As you are sitting with your Northern Ireland shirt on with bags packed ready to leave for France. Here's a video to help stir the emotions ahead of the big kick-off.

This week thousands of Northern Ireland fans will make the journey to France as the Green and White army continue their dream at Euro 2016.

It's the first time in 30 years the team have played at a major tournament and their first appearance at a European Championships.

A powerful video made by a Northern Ireland fan has wracked up more than 36,000 views as it documents their Euro 2016 journey.

It begins with Michael O'Neill challenging fans to "dare to dream again".

He says: "Yeah, it was a decent start, Faroe Islands at home, then Hungary, I suppose it was an exciting night and then Greece. So let's dare to dream again."

Hundreds of fans have commented on the video saying it has given them goosebumps as they undergo their last minute preparations for France.

The video ends: "Your journey is infinite and so is your potential, what you want is not behind, it is not who you used to be or what you used to do, it's your very next step."

Mark Johnston (23) from Belfast who made the video said the reaction has been brilliant, as he prepares to head to France tomorrow.

He said: "My first Northern Ireland match was Greece in 2003 that's when I was 10.

"It still honestly hasn't sunk in yet that we're going.

"I put videos up just for the people I'm friends with to see and if it does go further than that happy days. The inspiration is just that it's what I love doing in my spare time.

"The reaction is brilliant. Seeing all kinds of ages older fans who maybe have seen tournaments and my generation who haven't seen a major tournament and they've all taken it the same way. it's just brilliant."

Northern Ireland begin their Euro 2016 tournament on Sunday against Poland in Nice.

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