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Euro 2016 ticket shambles: 'We never had faith in IFA to be honest'

By Allan Preston

Keith Greenlees: (Only received tickets for one of his two sons.) "It's a farce. The IFA are very quick at defending themselves, which makes them look more guilty than anything. Hopefully we can get Poland tickets. I haven't told my sons yet, no point in disappointing them. It's a long way to June."

William Humphrey, DUP MLA: "A lot of my constituents in north Belfast and working class people across the country can't afford to go to all the games. The loyalty scheme should have seen people rewarded. We need absolute clarity from the IFA."

Paul Roulston, Ashfield NI Supporters Club: "A lot of the dedicated fans in our club didn't get anything. They're absolutely devastated, they've all booked flights and accommodation and are out £750-£1,000. We're hoping we can get tickets to the Poland game, but won't count our chickens until they're hatched."

Chris Keery: "Fortunately I got tickets to the Germany and Ukraine game but missed out on Poland, like a lot of other fans. We've always had a bit of doubt about how the IFA would handle it."

Dave Brady: "I had to tell my wife we got zero tickets. She said: 'That's ok, sure some of our best performances have been outside the grounds.' I didn't know whether to laugh or cry."

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