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Liberté, égalité, Lafferté: Northern Ireland fans go Gallic for Euro 2016 French adventures

By Jonny Bell

Northern Ireland fans have gone Gallic as their preparations for the Euro 2016 finals ramp up the gears.

Singer songwriter Jim Lindsay has come up with the toe-tapping fans' anthem 'We got the lingo sussed'.

"Poland Germany we don’t care... You won’t out sing us when we are over there," go the lyrics before breaking into common French phrases to help the Green and White Army get integrated into French culture.

"Que un comment ça va - What aboute you," chant the fans.

"e suis votre homme - I’m your man.

"We’ve got the lingo sussed we’ll soon be on the bus singing wherever we go.

"It’s our wee country It’s our wee team

"With Michael O’Neill we’re living the dream, when you believe dreams can come true keep believing the whole way through."

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Meanwhile, Northern Ireland supporters in Scotland have unfurled a new banner for their European adventures this June.


Northern Ireland kick-off their European Championship finals group campaign against Poland on June 12 before facing Ukraine and Germany.

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