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Make Euro Final tickets for all Northern Ireland supporters, says Gerry Armstrong

By Graham Luney

Northern Ireland legend Gerry Armstrong has urged the Irish FA to resist the temptation to only allow fans to purchase one ticket each per game at the Euro 2016 finals.

The Irish FA conducted a survey of their 8,600 block bookers and of the 2,175 responses, 50 per cent voted for the one ticket option, 30 per cent requested two tickets and 20 per cent favoured four tickets - making it a 50-50 split between those favouring one ticket or more than one per person. England and the Republic of Ireland will offer four tickets per supporter while Wales are adopting the two tickets policy.

Belgium are the only finalists settling for the one ticket each per game approach. Uefa suggested to the IFA that block bookers should be given the option of buying two tickets per match and Armstrong fears supporters could miss out on the glamour games.

"I think there must be a better way than one ticket per supporter," said Armstrong.

"Fans will be travelling with family members. I don't understand why fans should be restricted to one ticket per person when other associations take a different approach. I think the fans deserve better than that and the Irish FA need to keep pleading with Uefa to increase our allocation. At least two tickets per supporter seems a more fair approach to me."

Irish FA chief executive Patrick Nelson says no final decision on ticketing arrangements has been taken by the association or Uefa, who will have the final say.

"Everything is still up for discussion," said Nelson. "We want to reach a fair and equitable outcome whereby our loyal fans who have backed us home and away, through thick and thin, are rewarded. But we also recognise that because of the special nature of the finals, there will be supporters wanting to take wives, partners and children."

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