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Missed our fabulous Euro 2016 fixtures wallchart - here's how to get it

Are you hanging yours proudly on the wall? Send us your pictures here

By Stephen Beacom

The Belfast Telegraph is celebrating Northern Ireland's impending and historic trip to France by giving our readers a brilliant Euro 2016 fixtures wallchart this week.

And that's not all because there is space on the wallchart to place stickers of your favourite Northern Ireland players...and we are going to give you those as well!

<<If you missed Tuesday's paper get your wallchart here >>

The Euro 2016 wallchart was free with the Belfast Telegraph, the official promotions partner of the Irish FA for the tournament on Tuesday and in the newspaper in the following days you can collect your stickers of manager Michael O'Neill and his team, from players who are in the squad going to France to those who didn't make the trip but delivered a valuable contribution during qualifying.

<<Have you yours proudly displayed? Send us your pictures with your name and where you are from >>

Collecting the stickers will be fun for young and old. West Bromwich defender Gareth McAuley loves the idea. His son has been collecting Euro 2016 Panini stickers lately and Gareth says that sticker collections like those in this week's Belfast Telegraph are fantastic for children and provides them with an interest in football.

"I have memories from collecting stickers from my childhood and it is great for kids to have an interest in collecting stickers so this is a fantastic idea," said Northern Ireland defender McAuley.

"This is a special time for the country and it is great for the kids.Hopefully things like this can give them a bug to go out and run about and play football. It doesn't have to be at any standard as long as they enjoy themselves."

The Belfast Telegraph wallchart offer coincides with our Euro 2016 schools project which appears in the newspaper every Wednesday.

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