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PSNI officers hit back after Scottish newspaper criticises Euro 2016 team suits

'More of our officers going to France than there are Scottish players'

PSNI officers have hit out in a tongue in cheek Facebook post aimed at a Scottish newspaper who criticised the Northern Ireland team suits for Euro 2016.

The Daily Record described the team suits, designed by Herbie Frogg, as "a terrible own goal".

The piece said: "Brown brogues and a blue three-piece might be all the rage on Wall Street but it looks a bit naff heading to a major football tournament.

"Finished off with a green tie and you know you're in trouble as the bonkers colour combo may represent the strip but won't be winning any fashion awards in Paris this summer."

The post described Northern Ireland as the "underdogs" but added "Let's hope O'Neill's boys can recover from this early setback."

Police officers in Craigavon joked that their colleagues at Police Scotland had ended all crime if this is what newspapers were reporting on.

They went on to remind Scottish fans that there are "more of our officers going to France that there are Scottish players".

The PSNI are sending eight officers to France to act as "cultural interpreters" but there will be no Scottish players in France as they are the only UK nation who did not secure a place in the Euro 2016 finals.

The post ends: "Certainly, the only "Own goal" around this incident was the Records article! Ah well, better luck next time! We'll send you a postcard! Do us a favour and feed the dog while we're away would you?"

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