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Uefa report will state Romanians threw firework during Northern Ireland game

By Steven Beacom

The Uefa delegate's report on the firework incident at Windsor Park on Saturday night, during Northern Ireland and Romania's Euro 2016 qualifier, will state that the missile came from the Romanian section of the ground.

The Belfast Telegraph understands that the official report will clear Northern Ireland fans of throwing the firework, which hit and injured Presseye photographer Darren Kidd at the weekend.

Mr Kidd was sitting in front of the East Stand, filled with 3,000 Northern Ireland fans, when the firework struck him. He suffered burns on his neck and arm and a steward who was nearby recieved medical treatment.

After Northern Ireland fans were initially blamed for the incident, they insisted that the firework thrown at Windsor Park did not come from their end of the stadium and used video evidence to prove it on social media.

Irish FA President Jim Shaw had told the Belfast Telegraph earlier in the week that his information was that the firework had been thrown from the Romania section.

That will be confirmed by the Uefa report when it becomes public.

As is normally the case when an incident of this nature takes place, the IFA and Romania Football Federation will be asked to submit their observations before the Uefa Disciplinary Committee meet next month.

They will then decide what, if any, punishment is required.

Shaw remains hopeful that the IFA, given the previous behaviour record of the Northern Ireland fans, will receive only a warning for allowing the firework into their home stadium. In contrast, the Romania Football Federation could be looking at a hefty fine.

Earlier this month the Polish FA were fined £18,000 after their fans set off fireworks at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin during a Euro qualifier against the Republic of Ireland in March.

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