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Will Grigg hamster predicting Northern Ireland Euro 2016 success after calling Poland loss

By Jonny Bell

A free-wheeling hamster is giving the Green and White Army something to gnaw on after successfully predicting the result of Northern Ireland's first game against Poland.

The hamster was named after Northern Irish striker and viral internet craze star Will Grigg, by staff at the Pets at Home store in Stockport.

They put three of the little nibblers - one to represent each nation - into plastic balls ahead of the Euros and noticed the pets couldn’t get enough of the sporty activity.

Each hamster was named after a star from the nations. Harry and Gareth were named after England star Harry Kane and Welsh striker, Gareth Bale.

They were then pitted against one another in a ball with their opponent's flag and the first to roll into a net was deemed the winner.

Harry and Gareth's matches failed to match the outcome of the actual matches.

But Grigg's game came out as a Northern Ireland loss.

And since a stuttering start, he appears to be, well, on fire.

Grigg is calling two wins for Michael O'Neill's men in Thursday's game against Ukraine and the potential group decider against Germany.

Should the predictions be accurate, Northern Ireland will be into the second round knock-out phase at their first ever European Championships.

Scott Jefferson, marketing director at Pets at Home, added: “Will Grigg the hamster certainly is on fire, after correctly forecasting the Poland result, we got him to show off his psychic skills again and it looks good for Northern Ireland.

“The two wins would take Northern Ireland to the knockout stages and we are all hoping hamster Will is right once again."

In the 2010 World Cup, Paul the Octopus hit global headlines after predicting successfully all the results of the German team.

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