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Diabolical Manchester United have no fire in their bellies


 Off night: Michael Carrick is shocked by his side's loss

Off night: Michael Carrick is shocked by his side's loss

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Off night: Michael Carrick is shocked by his side's loss

ANOTHER night, another pitiful performance from Manchester United.

We are used to it by now, but even by their sloppy standards in this shocking season, the 2-0 defeat to Olympiakos was a new lamentable low for David Moyes and his excuse for a side.

In defence, midfield and attack the Red Devils were found wanting. There was no style, no skill, no substance and perhaps worst of all NO spirit.

The Greeks wanted it more. They showed the quality, heart, desire and passion missing from the men sent out by Moyes.

And this in a match offering the United players a chance to rescue their calamitous campaign.

They are out of everything else... the Champions League was all they had left and unless they can produce a stirring comeback in the second leg at Old Trafford next month, United's season will be over before Easter.

Olympiakos should have nothing to fear in Manchester. On the evidence of the match in Athens, they'll fancy beating United again!

There's been much talk lately about Wayne Rooney's £300,000 per week pay packet. His team-mates are also on mega-bucks. None of them deserve a penny for this appalling effort.

Tom Cleverley, Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia were as useful as a chocolate teapot! If Moyes stays next season he has to get rid of them.

Rio Ferdinand prides himself on being a footballing centre-back. He couldn't pass water last night. Or tackle. Or close down. There's talk he's retiring at the end of the season. United supporters would prefer him to quit now.

Michael Carrick was another major letdown. And what exactly is the point of Chris Smalling? He's becoming an embarrassment.

Rooney was ineffective and Robin van Persie did not look interested. The lack of fight in RVP is alarming.

Fair play to Olympiakos, but shame on their opponents.

Once again United's players failed their club and their fans.

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