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Republic of Ireland legend John Giles' advice to Gareth Bale: "I would tell Cristiano Ronaldo to F off"

Republic of Ireland legend John Giles believes Gareth Bale's failure to stand up to Cristiano Ronaldo has contributed to his loss of form at Real Madrid.

Speaking on Off The Ball on Newstalk, Giles said that Bale should have confronted the Portuguese after he reacted angrily to a Bale miss earlier on this season.

The former Republic of Ireland player and manager believes the Welsh star is now a shadow of the player he was at Spurs.

"He's not even looking to take people on, I think his confidence is shattered at the moment," Giles said

"I would tell Ronaldo to F off.

"If he was intimidating him, which I think he is, I would say to him look, 'I'm here to play football... now you F off. I'm going to do my stuff on the pitch if you like it, you like it, if you don't like it, you don't like it... tough.

"You have to stand up to him. I'm not getting on to you, don't get on to me. You have to get tough. You have to take them on, these guys.

"Players might hate each other's guts off the pitch. Best and Charlton didn't get on particularly well but on the pitch they were pros.

"When Ronaldo made the gesture a couple of months ago and he must have known about it, I think he should have confronted Ronaldo after that."

Giles added that he wouldn't be surprised if Bale returned to the Premier League over the summer.


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