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Ronaldo and Salah can't scale the summit alone, warns Morientes


Cristiano Ronaldo

Former Real Madrid and Liverpool star Fernando Morientes has named Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah as the key men ahead of tomorrow's Champions League final.

But the former Spain international insists neither player can win it alone.

Morientes, who lifted the tournament an impressive three times, thinks Real have more to their game than just Ronaldo.

"Football is a collective game, so you can have Cristiano Ronaldo but you need a team which works with him," he said.

"The key for Madrid in recent years is that all the players around Ronaldo have assembled perfectly, like (Luka) Modric and (Toni) Kroos in the midfield, Sergio Ramos as a captain, Marcelo on the left, (Dani) Carvajal on the right, Keylor Navas as well.

"Success comes from the team, not one player - being able to assemble pieces together with a coach like Zinedine Zidane, who gives harmony to the team."

Morientes compared the Reds' Egyptian superstar Salah to Ronaldo, and thinks both men will make the difference in the final.

"The strength in both teams is in their forwards," he added.

"With Real Madrid, it's clear that Ronaldo is the best player.

"Regarding Liverpool, Salah is the key man, who has been performing to a very high level. Cristiano and Salah are the ones who can make the difference."

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