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Fifa corruption scandal: 10 issues that must be tackled by football's governing body

By Martyn Ziegler

Fifa has plenty of work to do to prove it is fit to govern. Martyn Ziegler looks at the issues it must tackle.

1. Introduce term limits for the president and executive members - 12 years is the maximum length of the International Olympic Committee president and that should be enough for FIFA too.

2. Really toughen up the auditing process so that all money handed out to the national associations is tracked.

3. Suspend national associations whose own auditing and appointment processes are not fit for purpose.

4. Appoint independent monitors for all World Cup bidding processes.

5. Have independent members from the world of business on the FIFA executive committee.

6. Prohibit employees up to and including the president from taking any major commercial or administrative decisions without prior agreement of the executive committee.

7. Publish the salary of the FIFA president and all pay and expenses received by executive members as part of a register of interests.

8. End all notions of special treatment for historic purposes - the British FIFA vice-presidency has to go.

9. Make an involvement in football-related corruption, including match-fixing, punishable by a lifetime ban.

10. Appoint an independent drugs testing body for FIFA events.

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