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FIFA president Sepp Blatter faces criminal investigation: Questions and answers

FIFA president Sepp Blatter found himself in the spotlight on another troubled day for football's world governing body.

We look at the situation involving the head of the world game.

Q: What has happened to Sepp Blatter?

A: Criminal proceedings have been opened against him by the Swiss attorney general on two issues: a TV rights deal that FIFA signed with Jack Warner's Caribbean Football Union and an alleged "disloyal payment" of two million Swiss francs made in 2011 to UEFA president Michel Platini.

Q: Does that mean Blatter will go to court?

A: Not yet - he has not been indicted on any charges so far. Blatter denies any wrongdoing.

Q: What is the story behind this alleged "disloyal payment" to Platini?

A: A disloyal payment is one that was against the interests of the organisation, which in this instance would be FIFA. The Swiss authorities allege Platini was given the payment in 2011 for work he carried out as a consultant for FIFA nine years previously.

Q: Platini has been the favourite to succeed Blatter in the FIFA presidency - how bad is this for him?

A: It is certainly not good. He is now under considerable pressure to explain what this payment was for, why the nine-year gap between the work and the payment, and if the timing was relevant.

Q: Why could the timing be important?

A: The payment was allegedly made in February 2011, three months before Blatter was to face a challenge to his presidency by Mohamed Bin Hammam.

Q: Tell me about the TV rights deal with Warner.

A: A FIFA contract signed by Blatter in 2005 gave Warner's Caribbean Football Union the rights for two World Cups for 600,000 US dollars (£400,000). Warner's company resold the rights and made a profit of at least £11million.

Q: Can Blatter really survive until the elections for his successor in February next year?

A: With Blatter you never say never.

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