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Frank Lampard admits to social media concerns

Former England midfielder believes some high-earning young footballers should show more humility.

Former Chelsea and England midfielder Frank Lampard has voiced his concern over young players who “flash their money” on social media.

Lampard, who is to be honoured with the Legends of Football award later this year, thinks players should show restraint.

He is also worried that his daughters Luna and Isla, aged 12 and 10, spend too much time online and that results in them becoming “more detached” from everyday life.

Speaking on The Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 Live, Lampard said: “I think there are always questions about money, and I understand the money one, particularly in the current climate. So I think as a player you have to respectfully not flash that, and show humility more than anything, and I think most players do do that.

“But I don’t like seeing young players that flash their money, and the world of social media has kind of maybe encouraged that. And if I had a son, I would advise them to be very careful what they put out on social media as that can be a trap. And if you’re loose with it, it’s certainly something that come back on you.”

Lampard, who is married to TV presenter Christine Lampard, is similarly wary of the time his daughters spend on their iPads.

He added: “I find it challenging…. Social media for me is so different to what I grew up with. And it starts so young. So you’re caught between trying to protect them and maybe not throw them into the world; but when all their friends are on social media, then of course as a father you try and take baby steps and manage it as you go.

“Your daughters or sons can spend time on iPads, on social media and get away from the basics of reading a book and things like that, because I sense a difference in my daughters sometimes when they do overspend time on iPads, etc.

“I just can find them sometimes more detached. Maybe it’s because they get stuck in a different world. I do think with my daughters, sometimes they kind of have lost a bit of focus, and maybe (I) have to bring them back into the real world.”

Lampard also expressed his pride at winning the honour from Legends of Football, which raises money for the music charity Nordoff Robbins.

The 39-year-old, who will receive the award in October, said: “Football itself is so huge, so in terms of awareness, what you can bring to the table by getting involved with these charities is huge. And I think it’s a responsibility, because we play, everyone sees you playing, but then the other things that you do to give back, and charity is a huge part of that.”

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