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A temporary Windsor Park solution for Northern Ireland v Italy

More fans will be able to watch Northern Ireland’s big game against Italy in October — even though around a third of the South Stand has been shut down.

The Irish FA is to install temporary seating both in front of the South Stand and permission has also been granted to replace the Railway Stand — which is in the process of being raised to the ground — with a temporary structure.

And when completed around 1,000 extra seats will be available for home games during the Euro 2012 campaign.

“Windsor Park has a capacity of roughly 13,000. After a Health & Safety audit we’ve had to take away the wooden seats in the South Stand,” explained Geoff Wilson, the IFA’s head of communications.

“Temporary seats are being put on the terrace in front of the South Stand and on where the Railway Stand is now being demolished.

“They come up to around 3,000 and once they are in Health & Safety will come in to pass that and we’re hopeful to have additional seats to sell.

“We’ve lost around 1,500 to 2,000 seats and will hopefully have 3,000 extra seats which will bring the capacity back up.”

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